Hello and welcome to my website.

My name is Moh Chelali and I live in British Columbia, Canada, the best place on earth.

This Web Site is dedicated to all those that I worked with to promote and uphold the political ideals and values that we hold dear to our heart in serving the people of British Columbia and Canada.

Regardless of how much time,energy and money you were able to give to my last election campaign, everyone mattered and everyone made a difference.

Whether you dropped leaflets, made phone calls, worked on the election planning committee, donated goods or cash, completed office paperwork or took on one of many other countless tasks, I wish to acknowledge and thank you for all of the help you gave to my campaign and to me.

It is my hope that your involvement was a rewarding experience and it is important to remember that our work didn’t stop when the last election results were announced.

I urge you to stay involved and continue to contribute what time, energy or resources you have available.
I want to hear from you!! Please, feel free to contact me any time for questions, suggestions or if you want to invite me to your local organization, your school, your company or simply your home.

Your efforts and contributions were a gift to me for which I humbly thank you.

Sincerely Yours,

Moh Chelali

Moh Chelali with friends

“Canadians want to move from a polluting economy to a sustaining economy,” 

New policies for a sustaining economy means “coming generations can prosper in good health,” said Chelali. 

“Due to the inaction of the present and previous government Canadians are now being presented with the bills for years of procrastination. In the Lower Mainland, we had the devastating storm that levelled thousands of trees in Stanley Park and elsewhere. In Eastern Canada, places such as Quebec City had the first green Christmas in years. In the Arctic, a giant slab of ice broke off, an ominous signal that the poles are melting faster than anyone might have imagined.”

Chelali told the media that former U.S. Vice-President Al Gore who produced the milestone movie An Inconvenient Truth, branded the new Conservative environmental policies “a massive fraud.”

Chelali also called for improved childcare programs. “We need immediately to expand the current range of choice available to Canadian parents and their children,” he insisted.

Childcare and early education is “an investment in our children,” he told the meeting at the Semiahmoo Library. “Here in this riding, I personally know parents that must wait seven to eight months before they can get their name added to a wait list. Some parents are seeking out wait lists for day care as soon as they know they are expecting.”

Moh Chelali, , decided in 2005 to become politically and socially involved. He almost doubled -in 2005-his party's vote total in the riding of South Surrey White-Rock from 2001. Moh has a master’s degree in international business, a master’s degree in education, and an engineering degree in oil economics; he is fluently bilingual in French and English. Moh is also the recipient of many National and International awards including France's Legion of Honour and the Governor General”s Bravery Award.